2014.09.21 European Cooperation Day
2014.11.25 Monitoring Committee, Warsaw/PL
2014.11.26-27 Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme Conference 2014

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Programme in facts

Running projects: 12
Finalised projects: 78
Finalised & paid projects: 47
EUR committed: 215.0 mln
EUR paid out: 158.5 mln
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Country specific information

The European Union's Baltic Sea Region Programme promotes regional development through transnational cooperation. Partners from eleven countries around the Baltic Sea work together to find joint solutions to common problems.

Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 is submitted to the Commission for approval. For information on how to get feedback to your project idea, how to look for partners and how and when to apply, please go

Projects join forces in clusters:
Project of the day - BSR_CBP
Capacity Building Programme on Trans-National Cluster and Innovation Systems in the Baltic Sea Region

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