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Presentations online: Thematic Programming Workshop on Environment

On 17 April, more than 60 experts for environmental issues gathered in Berlin to discuss about the future investment priority "Protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency". The initial presentations are online now. A summary of the discussions will be available soon.

 Workshop Audience

In April 2013, three programming workshops are carried out as part of the development process of the operational programme for the Baltic Sea Region for the period 2014-2020. The general idea of the workshops is to make use of the valuable knowledge and expertise available among programme stakeholders and other experts for a targeted, comprehensive future operational programme. The aims of the workshop are to verify the key challenges, the specify the necessary actions and to identify benefits of transnational cooperation on the Baltic Sea Region.

During the first workshop in Berlin, three key environmental stakeholders for transnational cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region outlined their views on: What are the needs for transnational cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region in the future?

The initial presentations are now online:

  • Kristiina Isokallio, Finnish Ministry of Environment, Priority Area Nutri, EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
  • Laura Meski, HELCOM, Horizontal Action Spatial Planning, EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
  • Paula Biveson-Hemminki, Baltic Sea Action Group, Cluster of the Baltic Sea Region Programme "Baltic Impulse - saving the Baltic Sea waters"

The workshop discussions with 60 experts are currently being merged, and summaries will be made available soon. On 25 and 26 April , further workshops will deal with transport and innovation.

Workshop introduction




published 22.04.2013