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Finalised projects: 90
EUR committed: 215.0 mln
Main project outputs > 280
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29 project ideas on show in Turku

The Baltic Sea Programme 2007-2013 Partner Search Forum on 14 September in Turku, Finland attracted more than 100 participants and 29 project ideas. The forum was organised in the frame of the BSSSC annual conference “Sustainable energy: Contribution to meet the threats of Climate Change”, which gathered more than 300 participants.

Team of the Joint technical Secretariat presented new programme for 2007-2013, its priorities and financial framework. The presentation was followed by the panel discussion between Elisabeth Helander, former director of DG Regional Policy and currently the Administrative Director of Åbo Academy University , and Ann Irene Saeternes, Deputy Secretary General of BSSSC, facilitated by Susanne Scherrer, Director of the Joint Secretariat Rostock/Riga.

At the project idea café participants from all over the region presented and discussed their ideas. The ideas were displayed on the project idea wall and were grouped into themes. Themes like regional planning/climate change and harbours/shipping/pollution received most attention from participants of the forum. Almost 2 hours of interaction between project idea owners and interested participants resulted in new partners found and improved ideas.

All the ideas can be found in the project ideas database at or downloaded below.
Info point of the Baltic Sea Programme 2007-2013
Panel discussion: (right) Ann Irene Saeternes, Elisabeth Helander & Susanne Scherrer
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published 17.09.2007