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Finalised projects: 90
EUR committed: 215.0 mln
Main project outputs > 280
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Country specific information

Nine new Baltic Sea cooperation projects selected

The Monitoring Committee of the Baltic Sea Region Programme approved today following nine cooperation projects:

  • URBAN CREATIVE POLES - Development and Promotion of Creative Industry Potentials in Medium-Sized Cities of the Baltic Sea Region
  • BSHR HealthPort - Baltic Sea Health Region - Business acceleration support and training bridging innovative SMEs and health care organisations to strengthen BSR health economy
  • MIN-NOVATION - Mining and Mineral Processing Waste Management Innovation Network
  • COOL Bricks - Climate Change, Cultural Heritage & Energy Efficient Monuments
  • StarDust - The Strategic Project on Trans-national Commercial Activities in Research & Innovation, Clusters and in SME-Networks
  • Baltic Fashion - Promoting the innovative Baltic Fashion industry throughout the Baltic Sea Region
  • BATMAN - BAltic Forum for Innovative Technologies for Sustainable MANure Management
  • RB21T - RECO Baltic 21 Tech
  • Ecovillages - Ecovillages for sustainable rural development


Selected snapshots from the meeting

Harry Ekestam, Chairman of the Monitoring Committee, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Finland

From right: Wilfried Görmar (DE), Tiina Tihlman (FI), Kadri Jushkin (EE), Sille Rossi (EE), Michael Koch-Larsen (DK)

From left: Thomas Weber (JTS), Dr. Klaus Rave and Gudrun Dittrich (MA, Investitionsbank S-H)

From left: Irina Karelina (RU), Ulf Savbäck (SE)


published 16.09.2010