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9th of May: we celebrate the Europe day

On the 9th of May, so called Europe day, we celebrate the anniversary of the day in 1950 when French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman presented a proposal on the creation of an organised Europe and by that paved the way for the European Union. It was at the Milan Summit in 1985 that the EU leaders decided to celebrate 9 May as "Europe Day".

Europe day celebrates the fundamental values of peace and solidarity in Europe. Incidentally this day is also commemorated in many former Soviet Union countries as Victory Day, the end of World War II.

Today, Europe day is one of the European symbols along with the flag, the anthem, the motto and the Euro. It is the occasion for activities and festivities that bring Europe closer to its citizens.

Some interesting facts about EU:

  • Population of EU: almost 500 million or half of China´s population
  • The total EU budget in 2007: 126.5 billion EUR (approx. half of federal budget in Germany)
  • EU is the biggest donor of development aid in the world
  • `United in diversity` is the official motto of the EU
  • EU flag has 12 stars and it symbolises perfection, completeness and unity
  • European anthem: Beethoven 9th symphony & "Ode to joy" by Von Schiller

published 08.05.2008