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9th of May: Europe day & week

On the 9th of May we celebrate Europe day. This is time when the question "What Europe has brought to its citizens" is discussed all across the Europe. During this week values like peace and solidarity in Europe are celebrated. Many things have changed since in 1950 the French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman presented a proposal on the creation of an organised Europe and by that paved the way for the European Union. One might say that the added value of the European Union in our everyday life has increased as we have better consumer protection, cheaper phone calls, access to regional funds, free movement etc. Some more interesting thoughts about "What has Europe ever done for us?" you can watch in this video.

Some interesting facts about EU:
• Population of EU: almost 500 million or half of China´s population
• Europe is the second smallest continent with roughly 4 million square miles.
• EU is the biggest donor of development aid in the world
• Most scholars believe Europe was named after Europa, a Phoenician Princess in Greek mythology.
• The largest city in Europe is Paris with a population of just under 10 million people.
• European anthem: Beethoven 9th symphony & "Ode to joy" by Von Schiller

Happy Europe day!

published 06.05.2009