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Maritime in-depth knowledge at the ACL staff exchange week in Hamburg

"The participant gained in-depth knowledge on state-of-the-art port and logistics processes in the Port of Hamburg", it says on the certificate that was handed over to the participants of the ACL Staff Exchange Week that took place on 13 - 17 May in Hamburg.

Port of Hamburg Marketing, lead partner of the project, invited project partners as well as associated partners of Amber Coast Logistics to a study week of the biggest German seaport. 35 ACL partners followed the invitation - as many as 14 of them coming from Belarus. But also representatives from Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Denmark and even Germany participated in the exchange week. During five days they experienced the Hamburg logistics cluster in theory and practice, in presentations and lectures and by visiting the port and related logistics sites.

On Monday, 13 May the Staff Exchange Week started with a presentation of the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and a boat trip along the terminals. The HPA is responsible for the marine and land-based infrastructure, the safety of shipping traffic, the port railway facilities, property management as well as the economic development of the port. The participants learnt how the port management in Hamburg is organized.

Port of Hamburg meets ACL

The evening was then held under the motto "Baltic Networking Dinner": Port of Hamburg Marketing not only invited the ACL partners but also some representatives of Hamburg's logistics and port sector. "Cooperation is the backbone of all maritime connections between Germany and the Eastern European countries participating in ACL", explained Sebastian Doderer, Head of project development at Port of Hamburg Marketing, the reason for the Staff Exchange Week. The evening was accompanied by the leading German publishing company specialized on logistics and maritime economy, the DVV Media Group. Both, the "DVZ-Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung" and the "THB-Täglicher Hafenbericht", reported on the event and the project ACL itself. Journalists of both magazines interviewed several participants of the Staff Exchange Week.

On Tuesday the participants experienced the port under the heading "intermodal transport". On the agenda was a presentation of the rail operator Polzug as well as a visit of the Eurogate Container Terminal and the on-site rail operator Eurogate Intermodal. The informative day ended with a visit of the Maschen Marshaling Yard, the largest marshaling yard in Europe.

"It is a good feeling to hand over a certificate to a professor"

One of the highlights on Wednesday was the visit of the Town Hall and the following reception of the senate chancellery. Stefan Herms, Director Europe and International Affairs, welcomed the international guests. Amber Coast Logistics was a project of its own for Hamburg, he stated. "Especially the participation of Belarus is positively recognized in Brussels."

On this day participants also inspected the maritime training centre ma-co maritimes competenzcentrum. Ma-co provides courses in port operations and cargo handling, logistics, maritime shipping, etc.

Thursday started with a presentation of the research institute and project partner Fraunhofer CML and ended with a visit of the countryside Altes Land - a natural experience after all the logistics experiences.

The Staff Exchange Week ended with another treat on Friday morning: The ACL team visited one of the most modern container terminals in the world, the HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder. Beforehand they were welcomed by Thomas Lütje, Managing Director HHLA Container Terminals GmbH.

"It is a good feeling to hand over a certificate to a professor", bantered Sebastian Doderer with Anatoli Molokovitch, Head of the logistics faculty of the School of Business and Management of Technologies of the Belarusian State University, when finally handing over the certificates to all participants. "We hope that the gained insights of the Port of Hamburg and the contacts you have made will be of use for you and your company."

published 23.05.2013