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Åland Aquabest team visited the island Föglö: Without the aquaculture industry, Föglö's economy would not be stable

On the 3rd of September, the Åland Aquabest team participated in a Fisheries seminar organised by the Nordic Archipelago Cooperation (Skärgårdssamarbetet) on the island of Föglö, Åland. With a population of only 600, Föglö municipality is an example of an island that depends heavily on aquaculture. Two of the Åland aquaculture companies have their base in Föglö, and as the municipal director stated: Tax income from the aquaculture industry on Föglö is normally around 20-30 per cent annually, and has "financed" the new day care facility. Without the aquaculture industry, Föglö's economy would not be stable.

Several speakers, from the municipality, the aquaculture and processing industry, expressed concern over the strict environmental regulation and the future of the industry from the regulative perspective. The Åland Government aquaculture representants took the opportunity to present the activities within Aquabest and the efforts to find incentives to meet the environmental demands at the same time as production is kept or increased.

published 04.09.2013