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The world of aquaculture met in Prague

Europe was this year the host of the annual congress of World Aquaculture Society.  The AQUA2012, held in Praque the 1st - 5th September, was an extensive event with roughly 700 oral presentations, 600 posters, 100 exhibitors and thousands of participants.  The program, run in thirteen parallel sessions, had a global focus and covered all forms and aspects of aquaculture. Aquabest-project contributed the congress with a poster on the legal regulation of aquaculture in the Baltic Sea Region.

The Aquabest-poster matched well with the conference program.  The role of regulatory framework and voluntary schemes in striving for better sustainability was on the agenda of three sessions: Policy and regulations, Environmental interactions and Standards and certifications. The complex regulation and stringent licensing is a topical issue for the most of western world, especially in the European Union and in the North-America.

Some topics of raising interest can be pointed out of the large assortment: values of the ecosystem services of extensive aquaculture systems, integrated multi-trophic aquaculture, aquaponic systems, certifications and spatial planning were dealt in many contexts.

Aquabest had during the congress tentative discussions with NACEE on cooperation for the intensification of the project's communication in the Eastern Baltic Sea region. NACEE, Network of Aquaculture Centers in the Eastern Europe, collects the major stakeholder of region for facilitation of the industry development. NACEE is an associated Aquabest partner.

published 14.09.2012