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AQUABEST - Watch the underwater video about mussel farming in Åland

As part of its own pilot project, the Åland Government has cultivated mussels on a larger scale since the summer of 2010. Now these mussels have grown big, or as big as they get in the low-saline waters of the Åland archipelago, and they are ready to be harvested. Last summer (2012), an underwatervideo was made of the farm to document the mussels at their prime time. In the video, mussels of three settling generations are seen. Fallen mussels can be seen on the sea floor, where they continue to live in new colonies. At the surface level, it can also be seen that the sea-ice has peeled and frozen off the uppermost mussels.

The Åland pilot mussel farm project gives valuable input to the Aquabest-project, in which the experiences are taken forward as to farm technology, ice challenges, optimal settling and harvesting time and, perhaps most importantly, whether they are good to use as Baltic Sea mussel meal in fish feed or not.

The video was filmed by diver Ove Jansson for the Aquabest-project

Watch the video

published 04.01.2013