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BALTADAPT - New Baltadapt reports on climate change in the Baltic Sea Region

Baltadapt has published five reports on climate change in the Baltic Sea Region:
  • A gap-fit analysis identifying the most important policy gaps related to climate change impacts on the food, biodiversity, infrastructure and tourism sectors;
  • Three impact assessment reports analysing climate change impacts on biodiversity, fish and fisheries as well as infrastructure. A fourth impact assessment report on the tourism sector is expected in spring 2013.
  • A vulnerability assessment summarising and analysing existing vulnerability assessments with relevance for the Baltic Sea Region and the four core topics of the Baltadapt project

The reports serve as input and background to the macro-regional climate change adaptation strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and its accompanying Action Plan that Baltadapt is developing.

Click here to download the Baltadapt reports.

published 17.12.2012