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Developing inspection skills

25 persons met in Pärnu, Estonia for three days in March this year. The aim was to perform a road safety inspection pilot within the frame of the BALTRIS project.

The participants - from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden - spent much time on road inspection as well as prepared presentations and discussions. One session invited official representatives from the Estonian Road Administration, putting focus to found deficits and recommendations for improving road infrastructure safety.

The pilot study is a step towards an infrastructure improvement, aiming for safer transportation system in all BALTRIS countries and in the future all over the EU. The pilot consisted of the following:

  • Checking road safety inspection guidelines
  • Checking knowledge obtained during the BALTRIS training on Road Safety Audit and Road Safety Inspection in Tallinn (February 2012)
  • Developing inspection skills
  • Enabling a better cooperation to work in inspection teams with auditors from different countries

The participants also tried to get an overview of deficits and problems of infrastructure sites at the Via Baltica (E67), one of the road sections in Estonia with higher accident risks. Included in this task was to give recommendations to use special measures for eliminating the deficits in short and/or longer perspective. The acquired knowledge and feedback from the pilot study will be used for the upcoming BALTRIS training in Lund. It will furthermore serve as a base for improving the Road Safety Inspection guidelines.

published 04.04.2012