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BALTRIS - Join training on Road Safety

BALTRIS holds trainings in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden. Some of the training joins knowledge and education on Road Safety Audit and Road Safety Inspection, others put focus on Networks Safety Management and Road Safety Impact Assessment. The ambition is to increase the awareness and give the participants an opportunity to discuss the meaning of improving road safety.

​An important part of the training is to talk about ways to improve road safety with help from a systematic work. Improving road safety saves life, health and money. No matter if you work with road safety in e.g. Lithuania, Italy or Sweden your basic views on road safety and ways to improve it should be the same. This brings us closer to a similar road system with improved road safety in all EU­countries.

Interested in participating in training?
BALTRIS holds three more trainings this year:

Network Safety Management and Road Safety Impact Assessment
Place: Vilnius, Lithuania
Date: March 12th­-16th 2012

Road Safety Inspection and Road Safety Audit
Place: Lund, Sweden
Date: April 16th­-20th 2012

Network Safety Management and Road Safety Impact Assessment
Place: Riga, Latvia
Date: May 14th­-18th 2012

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published 29.02.2012