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Road Safety discussions with Estonian Road Administration and Estonian Police

The Estonian police and the Estonian Road Administration have an established collaboration on road safety issues. BALTRIS attended one of the meetings with the parties, with input regarding improvements of road infrastructure safety. A continues discussion will take part, next up at a meeting in Tartu organized by Tartu city.

Dago Antov, professor at Tallinn Technical University and project manager for BALTRIS wp 4, presented the work and aims of BALTRIS to the participants. The meeting took place February 29th 2012 in Tartu, Estonia. Half of the participants came from the Estonian Road Administration (North, South and East regions and the central office) and work with traffic management, information and education, road safety management, road maintenance and vehicle technical surveillance on a daily basis. Half of the participants represented the Estonian Police (all police prefectures), including the head of Traffic Police Division. The focus of the meeting thus naturally included road safety.

The agenda took on topics regarding road safety audits and inspections, database of road freight traffic and traffic educational projects. The BALTRIS presentation was a fruitful input to discussions on road safety. Dago Antov is now asked to join a meeting in May this year to give information about BALTRIS to municipal officers and experts in Tartu city.

published 14.03.2012