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New pre-study on industrial development and what kind of possibilities this may offer in the corridor area and in the long term, for Central Europe, e.g Poland and Germany

Northern Sweden and Finland are home to Europe's premier mining regions and a huge increase in the utilization of northern Scandinavia's natural resources is predicted for the near future.

- Several mines will be opened in the area and this will place new demands on transport infrastructure along the project area, says Jukka Lindfors, WP5 Manager, BGLC.

Jukka Lindfors co-ordinates all the activities in WP5 and has recently started a pre-study on industrial future with consultants from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Tampere University of Technology.

- This study will allow us to plot a future scenario and help us identify the new industrial potential that a mining industry in development can offer, says Jukka Lindfors.

The pre-study will focus on the development of mining industry and related processing industry in Finland, Sweden and Norway (with emphasis on Finland and Sweden). Furthermore, It will examine new energy sources and transport infrastructure that may support the development.

- It will help us to identify what kind of possibilities this can give for new processing industry in the corridor area and in the long term and what potential this may offer for Central Europe, e.g Poland and Germany, says Jukka Lindfors.

The preliminary results will be available at the end of March and the final report will be ready at the end of May.
For more information, please contact: Jukka Lindfors WP5 Project manager. E-mail: Tel: +358 50 301 38811.



published 24.02.2012