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BSHR HealthPort - Conclusion from an analysis: Education in the Baltic Sea Region Promoting Bioscience Innovation.

Benchmark analysis of the state of the nation regarding regional competence in education to support innovation has shown that bioscience based innovation courses are underrepresented in relation to other technology innovation courses.

Benchmarking shows a rather weak presence in Venture Financing in Bioscience and Clinical Verification programs. More courses should be designed to give comprehensive knowledge in this broad area. Greatest need is in hospital Procurement knowledge and in Sales and Marketing in Bioscience. In most regions the knowledge base within these subjects is absent. Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses are somewhat present, however could benefit form additional courses and more practical methods

From the benchmarking it can be concluded that the education to promote innovation in the bioscience area is largely not covered and needs additional possibilities to build competence in the different subjects. Before a strong foundation in these knowledge areas exists, it cannot be expected to have a full bioscience innovation system in place.

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published 18.03.2012