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How to Foster Health Care Innovations in Finland

Innovation is a key driver for value improvement in any industry and especially in the health care. The long term innovation policy in Finland has been very successful till now and it has resulted in strong national competitiveness. However the today's challenges such as aging population, the increase of chronic diseases and the constantly growing public expenses for healthcare request better utilization of innovations in the field.

Finland has well developed healthcare infrastructure, scientific and technological knowhow and excellent life science research personnel. By using these resources more efficiently Finland can boost its innovation environment and create a system which can more effectively enhance utilization of clinical inventions. As the main health care providers hospitals could take the leading role in fostering innovations.

We would like to invite you discuss and share with us your knowledge and expertise in the field. Best practices of clinical innovations and commercialization process from Denmark and Sweden will be presented to stimulate the discussion.

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published 02.11.2012