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Invitation to Network Hearing: Innovation systems in health economies

BSHR HealthPort Network Hearing: Innovation systems in health economies - Regional, transnational and macro-regional cooperation for sharing and disseminating innovation in health care systems

Place: Brussels, BE
Date: 26 September 2013
Venue: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Information Office to the EU, Boulevard Saint Michel 80.

How can regions collaborate on a transnational stage without compromising the interest of the regional stakeholders? Is it possible to create a win-win situation through sharing of innovations on the product-, process- and system level? To address these questions, the hearing brings together experts from major European initiatives that have developed strategies in this field.

One of the major objectives is to surpass existing boundaries and open the way for inclusion of stakeholders outside the traditional health sector.

The hearing is part of the BSHR HealthPort project part-financed by the European Union.

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published 09.09.2013