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Registration open: Regulations and Public Procurement: How to Overcome Major Pitfalls on the Stony Road to the Market?, 3 May Hamburg

Successful market entry is one of the major hurdles for new products or services. In the domain of health care this is especially challenging due to extensive regulations and challenges in procurement practices.

This is often a disadvantage for SMEs since small companies or researchers planning to start a business do not have the capacity to build knowledge or contract external services in this domain due to their limited resources.

How can clinics get access to innovative new developments? How can SMEs navigate the jungle of regulations in the fragmented European health care market? How to master internationalization as a small company? How can I find partners in other countries? These are some of the questions that will be discussed at this international workshop. Best practices examples and experiences from Baltic Sea Region will be presented.

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published 14.04.2012