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SME Access to the Baltic Sea Region Health Care Market

The HealthPort project focus on the interactions between Health Service providers and SMEs with the aim of enhancing innovation, reduce health care costs and promote SME access to the Baltic Sea Region Health Care market.

The project co-funded by the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007 - 2013 will in first half of 2012 cunduct a number of regional  workshops in order to promote interactions between SMEs and Health Care providers. A key topic will be procurement in Health Care as HealthPort is specifically concerned with improving the access of SME's to healthcare providers' procurement of innovative products/services.

In order to folllow the dates and locations of the workshops please see the calendar at where also further details will be published when available. Responsible organiser of the workshops is the HealthPort partner Entrepreneurship Development Centre for Biotechnology and Medicine (EDCBM) in Tartu, Estonia.

HealthPort will in the process organize targeted interaction between SME´s and health care providers and identify and support 6 concrete pilot business cases in the region, where at least one SME and one public healthcare provider engage in innovation of healthcare services or products.

HealthPort is a project within the EU Baltic Sea Region strategy´s flagship ScanBalt Health Region. The ultimate goals of ScanBalt Health Region are to assist promoting a knowledge based globally competitive health economy in the Baltic Sea Region; to assist solving the grand societal challenges of health within the region and to play a strong role in global health

published 02.02.2012