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Finalised projects: 90
EUR committed: 215.0 mln
Main project outputs > 280
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Country specific information

BSHR HealthPort - The EU Baltic Sea Region Flagship ScanBalt HealthRegion and BSHR HealthPort on Tour

The EU Baltic Sea Region's flagship in health and health economy ScanBalt Health Region together with the BSHR HealthPort project (co-funded by the Baltic Sea Region programme) are in 2012 being presented at numerous events. Many participants took an interest in discussing with the HealthRegion and HealthPort representatives at the stand during the EU Baltic Sea Region stakeholder meeting 17 - 19 June in Copenhagen and a presentation was given by the Chairman of ScanBalt, Wolfgang Blank.

Next chance to meet ScanBalt HealthRegion and BSHR HealthPort will be at the Health Region meeting "Diabetes mellitus - Global Challenge and Innovative Solutions" 4-5 July in Rostock (DE). This will be followed by a session and presentations at Life Science Baltic 2012, 12 - 14 September in Vilnius, and of course sessions and presentations at ScanBalt Forum 20 - 23 November in Tampere.

The interest in the efforts to place innovations in health care as a drive of prosperity for the Baltic Sea Region and in health economy as such is steadily increasing and ScanBalt BioRegion has once again proven to be a very efficient structure for driving forward and coordinate alliances, consortia, projects and opinions across borders.

published 27.06.2012