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Coping with Climate Change - 2nd International Conference in Bergen

The 2nd International BaltCICA conference took place on the 11th and 12th of May 2011 in Bergen, Norway. In cooperation with the MARE project (Interreg IVB North Sea Region Programme), the conference gathered about 100 participants representing cities, municipalities and regions as well as ministries, universities, research institutes and associations from European countries, mainly from the Baltic Sea Region. Politicians and practitioners presented inspiring examples of strategic approaches to climate change adaptation and implementation processes of adaptation measures. A number of questions were raised in governance related presentations (who, what and how), which underlined adaptation as a challenge calling for multilevel approaches and mixed instruments (regulatory and formal). It was emphasised that imbedded in strategies and policy documents, adaptation to climate change need to be taken into account in all sectors, at all levels.

The responsibility of developed countries was stressed in helping other countries that are exposed to impacts of climate change already today or in the near future. Being able to tackle the risk accompanied by climate change was presented as being challenging for insurance companies and calls for adjustments not only in the society but also in the insurance system.
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published 26.05.2011