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Finalised projects: 90
EUR committed: 215.0 mln
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BaltCICA - Information for climate change adaptation

Within the BaltCICA project several case studies prepared information and reports to inform the climate change adaptation process. In Kalundborg a set of three scenarios for the future development in the case area were developed. The Finish Meteorological Institute prepared a report with climate change information (with English summary) for the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. There are two reports on the state of the work for the Klaipeda District prepared by the Lithuanian Geological Survey: One report assessing the impacts on groundwater levels and hydro-chemical composition and on report providing background information for the upcoming Karkle beach detailed infrastructure plan. For Klaipeda city case study the University of Vilnius prepared information on possible mitigation and adaptation measures for climate change impacts on Smelte river flooding events (English summary).
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published 26.04.2010