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BaltMet Promo - Live like locals -brochures published in English and Japanese

Live like locals -brochures published in English and Japanese.

The brochure covers the Baltic Sea Region that is the area surrounding the Baltic Sea, covering the Scandinavian countries, the Baltic states, Poland, Germany and the most western part of Russia.

You will find information about the cities of Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Malmö, Oslo, Riga, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Vilnius and Warsaw. The cities create a lively region full of tastes, fashion, design, nature and architecture as well as cultural and historical heritage.

Brochures will be used in two different occasions in Japan, first at JATA Travel fair in 30 September and the second a seperate marketing event for Japanese tourism operators will be organized 4 October at the Imperial-hotel.

Publication of the brochure is related to a Competition for individual bloggers that was organized during summer 2011 in Japan to win a trip to Baltic Sea Region area and travel under "Live like locals theme".  Three bloggers were selected out of 32 applicants.

Each winner will have a different trip to the region. One will experience Helsinki and St. Petersburg, second three Baltic states and third Berlin and Warsaw. These three destinations were selected through both demand and supply researches. The selected bloggers have active blogs that concentrate on tourism, design, fashion and lifestyle.

You will find the brochure at the Promo web site

published 14.09.2011