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Finalised projects: 90
EUR committed: 215.0 mln
Main project outputs > 280
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Register for Final Conference

The Lead Partner, Wismar University of Applied Sciences, has the pleasure to invite you to the Final Conference to be held on

29.08.2013 in Wismar

We will present our final project results to external audience and close our project activities.
1. Baltic.AirCargo Outlooks
2. Baltic.AirCargo.Net - an innovative platform for aircargo transport
3. Market development actions
4. Baltic.AirCargo.Network establishment and signing of "Letters of support"

An internal partner meeting will be held in the afternoon of 28.08.2013 also in Wismar in order to settle some formalities. Participation is only required by financial partners of Baltic.AirCargo.Net project.

Please inform us about your participation in the conference by the 31.07.2013!

published 01.07.2013