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Baltic COMPASS - Options and opportunities in the new CAP

On April 26th Baltic Compass organised a panel debate at the European parliament on the options and opportunities the new CAP could provide.

The event was divided into two panels, the first discussing the challenges that are particular to the Baltic Sea Region and the second focusing on the solutions the new CAP could provide for the area.

The discussions highlighted the special circumstances of the Baltic Sea Region, including its history, the shallow and practically enclosed basin and the need for regional cooperation with non-EU members.

Panellists called for a more flexible framework, making use of the regional expertise and corrections to the uneven distribution of payments. Better promotion of the known good measures was called for, as well as exchange of good lessons, context specific knowledge and effective advisory service for the farmers in the whole Baltic Sea Region.

New concepts and broader base of actions and actors are needed as the new CAP alone - even if it is greener than before - is not enough to tackle the challenges the Baltic Sea faces.

First panel was chaired by MEP Sandra Kalniete who was there to answer on the future of CAP and how the European parliament is proceeding with it. Michael Hamell from DG ENVI of the European Commission also called for input and asked participants to approach the Commission with viable solutions.

You can find all the presentations and speeches held during the meeting under event materials at

published 21.05.2012