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Baltic Impulse: Take steps towards a bio-based society

The first and main message from the report "Sustainable resource management for a healthy Baltic Sea" now presented by the project cluster Baltic Impulse is: Take steps towards a bio-based society.

The authors summarise the main recommendations from nine transnational projects tackling eutrophication and hazardous substances in the Baltic Sea. The report deals with biogas, waste water and contaminated sediments. It is written for farmers, (waste) water managers and many others. It shows that we still have to go a long way in order to "heal" the Baltic Sea.

One chapter discusses good governance frameworks for several fields affecting water quality and thus the implementation of the Water Framework Directive. The authors point out to decision makers, how the countries around the Baltic Sea need to change their governance patterns as word "framework" is used in the previous sentence), how and why to better involve the stakeholders on the ground and which.

Take a closer look at the outcomes of six years of cooperation between scientists, practitioners and decision-makers from eleven countries at

published 30.09.2013