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Finalised projects: 90
EUR committed: 215.0 mln
Main project outputs > 280
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Country specific information

Baltic Sea Region programme launched first cluster initiative on energy

"Our common objective is to disseminate new concepts fostering energy efficiency at local, regional and national level in the Baltic Sea Region more widely and more successfully" agreed participants of the first workshop on cluster initiatives organised by the Baltic Sea Region programme. All eight energy projects (Baltic Biogas Bus, Urb.Energy, Bioenergy Promotion, COOL Bricks, Public Energy Alternatives, Longlife, REMOWE, SPIN) of the programme had accepted the invitation of the Joint Technical Secretariat, and met in Berlin, on 8 February. Project representatives discussed how to combine common results, and if it was possible to define joint dissemination strategies. Several projects work on renewable energy sources whereas others identify ways of saving energy. Still, participants concluded that the common concern was how to convince policy makers to implement concepts increasing the efficient use of energy. As a next step, project representatives will define joint activities in more detail, and will meet again in Rostock, on 7 March.

The Baltic Sea Region programme has launched new initiatives of bringing projects together working in similar fields, and encouraging them to create joint platforms or "clusters". Cluster initiatives will be granted extra funding from the programme. The initiative has been started with energy projects but the Joint Technical Secretariat will invite more projects working on topics relevant for the Baltic Sea region.

published 11.02.2011