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Country specific information

Belarusian partners received training on how to implement joint EU funded projects

Partners from Belarus as well as some lead partners received training on the main Programme rules and national requirements for project implementation in Belarus. The main focus was on the registration and calculation of the personnel costs, as this issue causes a lot of questions from the partners from Belarus.

The presentation from the Joint Technical Secretariat was followed by a note speech from the representative of the Belarusian Ministry of Economy Mr Ivan Belchik and a practical example from Mr Tchon Li, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno involved in the Baltic.AirCargo.Net project.

The training also included the overview of the main project's milestones as well as the perspective on implementing a project in Belarus from the lead partner organisation presented by Mr Pekka Salminen, from the Union of Baltic Cities, Commission on Environment involved in the PRESTO project.

The training was supported by the presentations on public procurement from the INTERACT ENPI and the findings from the second level audit company contracted by the Programme - KPMG.

Case studies were a good warming up exercise. All in all the audience participated actively in the discussion; Belarusian partners shared their experience and posed new questions. Not all the issues were solved during the event. It was agreed that a follow up will be needed for several issues and those should be dealt in close contact among the Joint Technical Secretariat, National Coordinating Unit in Belarus and the Belarusian Ministry of Economy.

The training was organized for Belarusian partners from the third and fourth call for proposals as well as the lead partners from the projects with Belarusian participation on 31 January 2013 in Minsk, Belarus.


Snapshots from the event

published 06.02.2013