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Best Agers - 2nd newsletter issue released

Best Agers - a project working to improve the involvement of people aged 55 and above in the Baltic Sea Region economy - has released its second newsletter.

This issue focuses on Best Agers in Baltic Sea Region labor markets. You can read about

  • a 17 Point Programme for sustained employability of Best Agers
  • regional patterns of Best Ager (un-)employment
  • Senior Policy in Norway (interview with Asmund Lunde, former director of the Centre for Senior Policy in Oslo)
  • the Baltic Forum for Youth Entrepreneurship Q-Camp 2010 - organised by the project in St. Petersburg, Russia, and more!

The newsletter is published twice a year.

You can directly download the current issue here:

If you want to subscribe for upcoming issues please visit our website: - you will find the link to subscribe in the left menu on the frontpage!

published 08.12.2010