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Bioenergy Promotion2 - Insight into Bioenergy Promotion 2 project conference

First Bioenergy Promotion 2 project conference was held in Skövde, Sweden on 18th of October 2012. This flagship project of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region Bioenergy Promotion 2 supports regions in reaching the EU's target for renewable energy of 20% by 2020.

Currently the project provides direct support to seven demo regions implementing bioenergy strategies. These plans have been developed during the first project phase and include the "Bioenergy Promotion" sustainability criteria and are integrated concepts to increase the use of bioenergy within a region but without harming the environment or posing a threat to food security. The project gives practical advice and training on how to mobilize local people, create acceptance for modern bioenergy applications and on general coordinating activities necessary to start the implementation process.

Bioenergy Promotion 2 conference was held in Skövde and it gave ideas how regions can make full use of their bioenergy resources and potentials. Regions implementing bioenergy strategies reported their targets, successes and lessons learned.

Conference was held in connection to FramtidsForum, a conference with the approach to influence the local development with methods based on cooperation, local initiatives and local needs.

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published 12.11.2012