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Finalised projects: 90
EUR committed: 215.0 mln
Main project outputs > 280
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Country specific information

C.A.S.H. Final Conference in Helsinki on 5-6 September 2012 to discuss project main results and future challenges relating to safety and security of international road haulage operations

The C.A.S.H. project ends on 9 September 2012. The project has brought together police officers and other authorities inspecting Heavy Goods Vehicles, research institutes and regional councils with the aim of making international road freight transport safer in the Baltic Sea Region.

Since 2009, the project has enhanced knowledge of working methods and created operational networks for police authorities. The project have also organized many Staff exchanges and workshops as well as 14 Joint exercises which have brought together over 500 police authorities from 8 C.A.S.H. countries around the Baltic Sea Region to exchange views for example on driving and resting hours, tachograph issues, dangerous goods and cargo securing. In addition, the C.A.S.H. project has aimed at harmonizing training contents for competent authorities and increasing understanding of driver behavior as well as produced recommendations for procurement of equipment based on mutual testing and worked for better understanding of risk analysis in road freight safety work.

The C.A.S.H. Final Conference on 5 September 2012 will discuss main results of the project and future challenges relating to safety and security of international road haulage operations. This Open Conference will bring together C.A.S.H. project partners, authorities and other key stakeholders. Please find here the invitation to the C.A.S.H. Open Conference.

The second day, 6 September 2012, of the Final Conference will be directed only to C.A.S.H. partners and research partners of the Turku School of Economics. The day will comprise concluding workshops. Workshop 1 will gather C.A.S.H. authority partners for a closing meeting to exchange views on the lessons learned during the project and discuss possibilities for future cooperation. The meeting of C.A.S.H. research and other university partners in the Workshop 2 will concentrate on the state of logistics and transport in the Baltic Sea Region in 2025. In the Workshop 3, the C.A.S.H. partners will have the possibility to ask questions relating to final reporting. 

Please register as soon as possible and no later than 30 August 2012 by sending an e-mail to C.A.S.H. Research Assistant Iida Jaatinen and C.A.S.H. Communications Officer Anne Nykänen

published 20.08.2012