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C.A.S.H. Open Conference in Ukraine enhanced knowledge on road freight transport safety on both sides of border

In recent years, trucks have become major carriers of goods from European Union to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The major transport routes in Eastern Europe go through Ukraine. The rapidly increasing cross-border traffic between the EU and Ukraine calls for enhanced knowledge of the traffic flows and the traffic-related issues on both sides of the border. It is also important to share best practices in the field of road freight transport safety.

In the Open Conference in Kharkiv, Ukraine, 1 March 2012, the C.A.S.H. project brought together a group of experts of heavy goods traffic from Ukraine and the European Union. During the day, the enforcement authorities shared information on how HGV traffic regulations are enforced in Ukraine and the European Union countries of the Baltic Sea region and Norway. Also the academic and industry representatives gave their perspective on international road freight transport.

The heavy goods traffic in Ukraine faces today many political, economical and technical challenges. There are not enough investments for the development of infrastructure and the tariff policy can be considered as inefficient. Further challenges include e.g. insufficient use of information technology and bad quality of diesel fuel.

One of the major problems concerning heavy goods traffic is safety. In general the roads in Ukraine are not in good condition. In addition, in many cases the drivers do not obey traffic regulation. Furthermore, they are not paying enough attention to driving and resting times and are often driving while fatigued.

There are attempts to improve the efficiency and safety situation in the Ukrainian HGV traffic. Especially in the field of technology, new equipment and software have been introduced to logistics industry. Also drivers have been better equipped with more modern devices. There are also signs of improvement in the technical inspection of vehicles. These questions were discussed during the rest of the day as the conference participants shared information and best practices in an on-site visit to Vehicle Technical Inspection Point in Kharkiv.

The C.A.S.H. Open Conference offered participants an excellent overview on the road safety issues in the EU as well as in Ukraine. The event also made it possible for the law enforcement officers to exchange views and make contacts. The C.A.S.H. project would like to thank the Ukrainian cooperation partners for their generosity and organizing a very successful event.

published 26.03.2012