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C.A.S.H. key findings, recommendations and latest publications available on C.A.S.H. website

The C.A.S.H. Final Report with key findings and recommendations is now available on the C.A.S.H. website. According to C.A.S.H. project's key findings, the European Community's legislation should be drafted in such a manner that the statutes are defined uniformly across the boundaries of the Member States. It should also enable the harmonization of violations and the resulting penalties.

In addition, uniform regulations and penalties should be drafted for securing of loads. Insufficient load securing is a concrete traffic safety risk factor that affects not only the driver of the vehicle but also, to the greatest extent, all other users of the road.

Deficiencies in legislation and international agreements make it difficult to, for example, monitor cabotage transport. In the EU area, even in the Baltic Sea region, the differences in legislation between the country of origin and country of destination cause problems for the entire transport chain, as do differences in the attitudes of the authorities in the two countries.

Studies and surveys among traffic police forces in the EU show the same results regardless of the Member State: according to the authorities, monitoring of cabotage transport and, in particular, the related three-operation regulation is the most difficult of all work related to regulations applying to the transport business.

Although a limited right to carry out road transport of goods within another Member State exists in the EU, the current model does not yet conform to the principles of an open internal market and the free movement of services, and it is not optimal for efficiency of transportation. The regulations pertaining to cabotage transport must be rethought so that it can be both performed and monitored sufficiently easily and clearly for all parties in the transport chain.

16 C.A.S.H. Reports and 12 Notes also available

During 2009-2012, the C.A.S.H. project brought together police officers and other authorities inspecting Heavy Goods Vehicles, research institutes and regional councils. This cooperation between different project partners resulted in 16 Reports and 12 Notes on safety and security questions of international road freight transport. Of some reports, there are also translations available in Finnish or Russian languages.

Please find C.A.S.H. Final Report and latest publications on the C.A.S.H. website.

published 20.09.2012