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Successful ending for series of C.A.S.H. Joint Exercises

The last C.A.S.H. Joint Exercise before the project ending was held in Helsingborg, Sweden, on 29-31 May 2012. The exercise brought together over 30 police officers and car inspectors from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Latvia.

The Joint Exercise took place in Långeberga on E4/E6/E20 highway in the eastern outskirts of Helsingborg. The exercise was conducted in two permanent police check points, one heading to the north and one to the south. Helsingborg has of the biggest traffic volumes in Sweden, gathering together all the traffic from Denmark and Germany to the north, i.e. to Gothenburg and Stockholm and further to Norway, Finland and Russia and vice versa. Also all the ferry traffic between Helsingør, Denmark and Helsingborg, Sweden use the E4/E6/E20 highway.

On the inspection day, altogether 61 heavy goods vehicles and buses were stopped and inspected. The inspections concentrated on driving and resting times, weights, drivers' authorization documentations, dangerous goods, load securing and technical inspections. Altogether 46 reports were written during the day. Most of the reports were written on speeding, missing documents, driving and resting time offences and not fulfilling the demands for transporting dangerous goods.

According to the participating police officers from other countries one of the biggest differences in the traffic in Helsingborg area were the large number of foreign vehicles and the quantity of traffic. Foreign participants were also impressed by the permanent police checking points with scales and inspection areas as well as the presence of vehicle inspectors who have been working for the Swedish Police since 1995. However, the concrete inspections seem to be quite similar in most of the countries in Baltic Sea region.

Key findings from C.A.S.H. Joint Exercises 2009-2012

During 2009-2012, the C.A.S.H. Project has organized around 15 Joint Exercises. Each exercise has been 2-3 days long with 20-60 participants in each. Over the past three years, over 500 Police officers have been participated in JE's and altogether 1,000 vehicles have been inspected. One of the key findings is that there are different ways to forbid the use of a technically dangerous vehicle in the traffic. The police officers have also noticed that alcohol testing at road side check is not routine in many countries. Also sanctioning varies a lot across countries. This has been identified by police officers as one of the major issues. There are also differences in the amount of money of the fines as well as in the modes of penalties. The C.A.S.H. countries also have different interpretations from common directives / regulations.

published 28.06.2012