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Green Corridor Stakeholder's Forum in Tallin the 14th of October

Adjacent to the BSSSC Annual Conference and the EU Baltic Sea Strategy Annual Forum, the three projects EWTC II, Scandria and TransBaltic together with the Swedish Ministry for Enterprise, Energy and Communication, arranged a Green Corridor Stakeholder's Forum October 14th in Tallinn.

The three projects and the Ministry entered into an agreement on joint green transport corridor activities with the purpose to specify the division of labour and harmonization measures in tackling the green corridor concept of the signing parties to 2012. One of the cooperating fields is the development of a Stakeholder's Forum for transport and logistics in the Baltic Sea Region.

The Green Corridor Stakeholder's Forum in Tallinn was the first arranged with the purpose to update stakeholders on the current developments of the work with the green corridor concept and a chance to give valuable input.

Green Corridor Stakeholders Forum

Jerker Sjögren from the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications discussed the green corridor concept at the Green Corridor Stakeholder's Forum (Poto: TransBaltic)

The green corridor concept and the definition of the Swedish Green Corridors initiative were presented by Jerker Sjögren from the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications. Morten Steen Petersen from TetraPlan presented the work with the Baltic Transport Outlook and how this work can contribute to the implementation of the BSR Strategy. Wiktor Szydarowski, project manager for TransBaltic, talked about the East-West divide in the implementation of the green corridor concept and how to overcome this issue. A round table discussion was also held on how to put the concept in to practice and what benefit there is for the industry to be involved in this process. Lastly, the managers of the three projects discussed transnational cooperation as a boost to Green Corridors in the BSR and what the projects will deliver.

The EU Baltic Sea Strategy Annual Forum in Tallinn was the first annual forum and gathered roughly 500 participants to discuss the forthcoming of the implementation of the Baltic Sea Region Strategy. Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for Region Policy spoke about overcoming transport bottlenecks and the creation of Green Corridors in his opening speech and the promising results of the East West Transport Corridor project in the South Baltic Sea Region.

published 23.11.2010