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Finalised projects: 90
EUR committed: 215.0 mln
Main project outputs > 280
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Country specific information

5th partners meeting: 1 meeting - 3 workshops

This time, "Ecovillage for sustainable rural development" partners gathered in one meeting to discuss three different thematic areas of the project.
Firstly, partners concentrated on the newly generated proposal for Rural development programme 2014-2020, which identifies ecovillages as a key element for sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region. Click on the following link to read a full proposal

Additionally, in the first part of the meeting, ICT tool for ecovillage sustainability self-evaluation was presented and discussed. ICT tool will help ecovillages to evaluate their desirable and real situation from the community building perspective. It will be open to everybody in the project website.

Secondly, project has prepared the guidelines for the internship programme in ecovillages. Ecovillages which are willing to receive interns will be able to announce it in the Ecovillage road website

Finally, Ecovillages project arranged an expert seminar on eco-technologies in order to have comprehensive discussion between project partners and experts concerning case studies for best practise examples on eco-technologies and practices in ecovillages.

Traditionally, in between the meeting, project partners had a study trip to the ecovillages to see and learn about best practise examples of Latvian ecovillages.

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published 27.06.2012