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Ecovillages - 7th project partners meeting: the final year of project implementation has started

On 11-13th of March project partners gathered together for the 7th international project partners meeting which was held in ecovillage Kovcheg, Kaluga region, Maloyaroslavets district, Russia. The main objectives of the meeting were to discuss the ongoing project activities and to define the very concrete further steps on producing the final results as the 2013 is the third and the last year of project implementation.

In addition to progress administration issues, the most important matters of final results oriented activities were discussed. First of all, the last preparation stages of manuals covering the guidelines for eco-settling practices and nature-friendly technologies as well as community living organisational ways were considered, taking into account questions of finalizing the content, translations, printing and strategies of distribution. Secondly, the working session on policy recommendations was conducted, where initial recommendations elaborated in each project partners' country were presented. The project team will continue working on finalizing recommendations and submitting those to responsible bodies. Last but not least, the marketing and handbook of Ecovillage road was discussed, aiming at strengthening the Ecovillage road network and its benefits to members and general society.

Partners meeting took place in the ecovillage Kovcheg of Russian citizens' family estates, where each family owns one hectare of land to be kept in the family for generations and seek for self-sufficient and sustainable living. The project team had an opportunity to experience the daily life of ecovillage Kovcheg by living in family houses, sharing the meal together and observing the cultural life in Community House. Project team also participated in an enriching field trip to Milionki ecovillage developed as settlement of individual kin's domains. On the part of project side, the diversity and networks of European ecovillages were presented to Russian ecovillages residents.

Project has stepped into the final year of its implementation. Most of the project results will be ready to use by the end of 2013 and will be promoted at the final conference in Lithuania this autumn.

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published 19.03.2013