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Ecovillages - Norwegians were inspired by Ecovillages project

As sustainability's concept becomes more and more important in today's economy and social welfare, two branches of Gronn Hverdag organization, Dialogforum for new economy and Gaia-Oslo, organized a conference "How can we create an economy that gives work and welfare for all without exceeding the worlds ecological capacity?", which concentrated on finding ways how to integrate sustainability in Norwegian economy in order to foster sustainable development, which would lower ecological footprint.

One of the possible ways to ensure this is proposed by Ecovillage movement, which is rapidly growing concept in all over the world. This is a high concern in Norway, where development of ecovillages is not sufficient. The main question discussed in the first meeting day, was "How to foster ecovillages development in Norway?".

Second day was focused on discussions about the need for new economics that are ecologically sustainable, socially just and really democratic, also about the mechanisms of today's economic system and its consequences for humans and nature. The core question of the disucssion was "How can we create a different kind of economics that give wellbeing for people, local communities and nature?".

Representatives of EU project "Ecovillages for sustainable rural development" participated in this conference and shared their experiences during the workshop on ecological communities' development in rural areas in the Baltic Sea Region countries.

Participants of the workshop agreed that ideas proposed by ecovillage residents should be spread to the society, so that society can benefit from them. It was remarked, that each member of our society should decide what ideas they want to implement at their current or new living places. Regional cooperation could strengthen this processes. At the final point, it was agreed, that it is essential to give some efforts on encouraging cooperation at national and transnational levels between ecovillages, members of our society and politicians.


More information, Zivile Gedminaite-Raudone, project manager,

published 01.10.2012