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Ecovillages - Project's petition received support from more than 1000 signees

In 2012 summer, "Ecovillages for sustainable rural development" project partners initiated a proposal for a Regulation 2014-2020 on support for rural development, which highlights the importance of ecovillages as a tool for sustainable economy as well designates how ecovillages could contribute to the sustainable rural development by transferring knowledge to the rest of society.

Authors of the proposal believe, that encouraged by the Rural development programme, ecovillages may serve as training and research centres for sustainable development thus benefitting the wider society.

Later, the on-line petition was created to support this proposal. Until now, it received more than 1000 signatures, which is a clear indicator, that our society is aware of sustainability issue and recognizes ecovillages as a possible solution for the problems people face nowadays. The petition is still open for those who would like to contribute to the ideas of the proposal. Link is below.

Proposal together with the results of the petition will be submitted to the members of the NAT Section of the European Economic and Social Committee. It is expected to receive their support during co-decision procedure in the European Parliament, where amendment to the Regulation 2014-2020 could be presented.

Full text of the proposal:
Link to the petition:
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published 18.09.2012