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EUR committed: 215.0 mln
Main project outputs > 280
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FM - First Motion @ Berlinale 2011

In the evening hours of 15th February 2011 First Motion welcomed more than 300 guests from the Baltic Sea Region and its Creative Industries in the representation of Land Schleswig-Holstein to the Federation in Berlin.
The reception during this year's Berlin International Film Festival (10th to 20th February 2011) brought together both participants and partners of First Motion as well as interested guests out of international politics, press and media, like the Lativan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Girts Valdis Kristovski, who joined the first reception of First Motion.
Opening speeches were held by Secretary of State Schleswig-Holstein, Heinz Maurus, the director of National Film Center Latvia, Ilze Gailīte Holmberg, and Bernd-Günther Nahm (Filmwerkstatt Kiel) who represented First Motion.

Besides the celebration of First Motion´s successfull first run - the starting signal fell at last year´s Berlin International Film Festival - the evening event marked the ‘birth' of the Baltic Universe, an online networking platform and crossmedia toolbox for the co-production, marketing and distribution of film and audiovisual content.
David Holme, First Motion partner from Norwegian University of Agder, presented the Baltic Universe together with representatives of the seven finished projects supported and produced during the first call in 2010.

Please check out the website as well as the Facebook site and enjoy some impressions of the presentation on

Subsequent to the entertaining and informative presentation of the Baltic Universe First Motion invited filmmakers and creatives, friends and First Motion partners from the Baltic Sea Region to get together, to network and to share information about numerous projects, ideas and digital innovations which were realized with the support of First Motion within the last twelve months. Additionally, the finished projects were screened in the foyer which found general approval.

As last subject of the reception´s programme the movie SUPERHERO-BLOG - THE DOCUMENTARY by Stefan Gieren and Sascha Zimmermann celebrated its world premiere. The documentary film is a feature length additional outcome of the First Motion supported cross-media project SUPERHERO-BLOG.

published 18.02.2011