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First Motion participant wins a Student Oscar

With his crossmedia project SUPERHERO-BLOG, a multiplatform story about the ups and downs of an ambitioned superhero intern, the Hamburg-based up-and-coming producer Stefan Gieren convinced First Motion and its partners during the first run of the New Media project which is part-financed by the EU.
SUPERHERO-BLOG was developed with First Motion's support and mentoring in 2010 and premiered as an 80 mins feature at this year's International Film Festival in Berlin.

Today we proudly announce that Stefan Gieren could convince another jury: not any jury, but the jury of the Student Academy Awards of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood. His postgraduate production RAJU, directed by Max Zähle, his former co-student at the Hamburg Media School, got him - with four other short films - on the Student Oscar shortlist at the end of last April.

Yesterday the Academy published the last three nominees who are invited to Los Angeles to get connected to the heart of the Hollywood film business and to receive one of the treasured trophees during an Award Ceremony on 11th June 2011 in Beverly Hills. We have to wait until then before we know whether the First Motion participant of the first call will travel back home to Europe with a bronze-coloured, a silvery or a golden statue.

published 18.05.2011