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Finalised projects: 90
EUR committed: 215.0 mln
Main project outputs > 280
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Selected Projects of the Second Call

Out of almost 100 submissions for the second project call First Motion and its partners finally selected eight innovative transmedia ideas which will be supported by First Motion - not only financially, but also with effective mentoring and development support.

Frederik Villumsen from Denmark convinced First Motion with DREAM (production company: Nørlum, Viborg), an online animated series created to explore into business and distribution models of the future, e.g. by independent financing and self-sustaining production and distribution via social media and modern technologies.

The Estonian venture HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL HERITAGE OF DAGÖ-SWEDES COMMUNITY PROJECT by Riina Hein (production company: Creare Stuudio, Keila) is up to telling a story about the reasons for the identity loss of an ethnic group speaking the almost distinct Dagö-Swedish dialect and representing a unique culture and language. The story will be told - amongst others - through a documentary feature, interactive online maps, a virtual museum and computer games.

Two of the chosen projects were handed in by German applicants: TELL ME WHO YOU ARE. is the title of Jessica Landt's and Falk Nagel's transmedia idea which considers itself as a cross-cultural project on youth, about identity and body language (production company: Beleza Film, Hamburg). The central aspect of TELL ME WHO YOU ARE. will be individual audio-visual documents on emotions. FIVE MINUTES FOR THE FUTURE by Christoph Corves from DokuFaktur Media Production in Lutterbek is dedicated to social change around the Baltic Sea Region: The project focuses on changemakers and their creative solutions to the new conditions raised by the aftermath of the social, financial and economic crises.

Latvia will also be represented by two projects during First Motion's second run, both of them with children as their target audiences: Inga Praulina from Riga-based JetMedia succeeded with her project WONDERBIRD which offers exciting, eduating adventures for children through an online version of a game in which children can explore the fictitious Faraway land aiming to catch the Wonderbird. With SHAMMIES Sabine Andersone from Atom Art in Riga submitted a multiplatform project comprising an animated tv-series for preschool children, an internet portal - also targeting on children - online games, books and interactive multi-touch screen tablets.

The Norwegian project 2-TIMES ANN by Christine Kahn (production company: We need more data, Oslo) sees itself as transmedia storytelling shared and united by girls all over the world in a clue-hunting social game of finding a double.

It's getting extraterrestrial with Sweden's participant THE GHOST ROCKETS by Kerstin Übelacker and Michael Cavanagh (production company: Doc Lounge Network, Malmö): THE GHOST ROCKETS is an interactive universe with a community, web content and an online-based investigation game which refers to a documentary film portraying a small group of Swedish UFO-fans.

All projects convinced the First Motion committee because of their innovative approaches to making use of transmedia possibilities, their stories and the teams attached to the projects. The funding includes up to 30.000€ development/production money, two international workshops which are mandatory, individual mentoring by First Motion partners as well as digital publishing and international marketing of the pilot project/product through the Baltic Universe platform.

published 19.04.2011