Joined EU: 1995
Capital city: Helsinki
Total area: 338 000 km²
Population: 5.3 million

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Country specific information Finland

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First Level Control (FLC)
  1. To find out how to designate first level controller click here.
  2. Further info about FLC in Finland:
  3. Template for specification of the controller (EN) (FI)
  4. First level control report & checklist
  5. First level control confirmation of the project partner´s expenditure
    ... this confirmation is an integral part of the Partner progress report and the Report on cost shares. In case a partner does not use the voluntary template for the Partner progress report and/or the Report on cost shares, the following document has to be completed by the partner's first level controller: First level control confirmation of the project partner's expenditure
  6. First level controller specification for ENPI

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