First level control (FLC)

First level controllers check project progress reports including the expenditure declared by the project partners of the Baltic Sea Region Programme.

In order to validate the legality and regularity of such expenditure declared by the project partners receiving ERDF, ENPI and Norwegian funds there are following first level control systems:

  • Centralized system
  • Decentralized system
  • Mixed system

While ERDF and Norwegian first level controllers are approved by the relevant countries, first level controllers validating ENPI expenditure have to be designated by the Managing Authority.

More information on control systems in each country you can find in the Programme Manual and the website section "Country specific information".

Explanation of the designation procedure of the first level controller:

Template for the specification of the first level controller validating expenditure of the project partner receiving ENPI funds:

Documents to be filled in and signed by the first level controllers:

  • FLC confirmation of the Progress report
... this confirmation is an integral part of the project's Progress report (section FR_9). It cannot be handled without and outside the Progress report.
  • FLC confirmation of the project partner's expenditure

... this confirmation is an integral part of the Partner progress report and the Report on cost shares. In case a partner does not use the voluntary template for the Partner progress report and/or the Report on cost shares, the following document has to be filled by the partner's first level controller: