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Finalised projects: 90
EUR committed: 215.0 mln
Main project outputs > 280
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What are co-financing rates?

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The programme provides financial support to projects as co-financing. This means that every partner has to contribute to the actual project costs with a share from own resources. The project activities have to be pre-financed by the project partners. After the costs have been reported and approved, the Programme reimburses part of the costs, according to the respective partners’ co-financing rates. Thus, the Programme follows the principle of reimbursement of costs common in Interreg Programmes.

The Programme co-financing provided to partners varies between the countries:

  • up to 85 per cent for partners from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland
  • up to 75 per cent for partners from Denmark, Finland, Germany and Sweden
  • up to 50 per cent for partners from Norway
  • funding details for partners from Belarus and Russia will be defined later.

Please note: These co-financing rates apply to the implementation phase of  projects within the priorities Innovation, Natural Resources and Transport. Co-financing rates differ for project preparation costs, Seed money projects and EU Strategy support. Details on the specific co-financing will be published in the Programme Manual. Publication of the manual is planned for early December 2014.

published 13.11.2014