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Finalised projects: 90
EUR committed: 215.0 mln
Main project outputs > 280
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Country specific information

Date for establishment of IBI Net association has been determined on 3rd Management Meeting in Minsk

During 3rd Management Meeting in Minsk, Partners of „Intercountry Business Incubators Network" (IBI Net) Project agreed about concrete date, when IBI Net association will be established.

It is planned to establish the Association on September 15 in Berlin and initiators of founding it are IBI Net Project partners from Latvia, Germany, Sweden, Polandand Belarus.

To ensure long-term cooperation among business incubators in the BSR and sustainability of project results, IBI Net project partners this spring have made a decision on establishment of IBI Net association. Its tasks will be offering a platform for collaboration among business incubators, improving services through benchmarking, common marketing activities, ensuring a dialogue with academia, public institutions, businesses, individuals, EU institutions, exchanging specialized services, joint training on business incubation process, attracting capital, coordinating efforts in research, education and technology transfer.

For formation of the IBI Net association, the work group was created, led by Technology Centre of Western Pomerania, Teknikdalen Foundation and Innovation Centre Hedmark.
It is planned that the association will unite not only the project partners and business incubators, but also any business incubator in the BSR may join it.

published 09.09.2011