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IBI Net - Highlights of task force meeting in Stockholm

On 18.01.2011. IBI Net Task Force Meeting with representatives from all partner countries was held. Meeting focused on ‘Analysis of management capacity and development needs of business incubators'.

Experts from Teknikdalen Foundation: Jörgen Steen and Stefan Holgersson (Sweden) made a presentation about the outcome of visits and interviews performed at 10 incubators in Germany, Poland, Belorussia, Latvia and Sweden. Analysis of interviews made showed that essential key factors for success of business incubators are:

  • Ensuring long term financing for business incubators
  • Possibilities to offer access to financial solutions for incubator companies
  • Recognition of business incubators in the political (authority) context
  • Improved internal and external communication
  • Staff and team competence
  • Offer enlarged international network and market
Based on interviews, Sture Ericsson, Executive Director of Teknikdalen Foundation presented the recommendations that are the outcome of the analysis - some of them will be addressed by the project (short-term) and some can be implemented in the long-term. As one of the most important long term recommendations the establishment of a new association was mentioned that would work as a business incubators network in BSR - a cooperation platform among business addressing the development issues beyond the project.

published 23.03.2011