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ICT for Health - Baseline study of eHealth in education published

The recently published report on the "Baseline study of eHealth in education in the Baltic Sea Area" is documenting a study of eHealth in formal education carried out by the ICT for Health project. The study focuses on the education of health care professionals.

The study includes five countries (Lithuania, Germany, Finland, Norway and Denmark), and the aim is to obtain knowledge on the extent, level, and content of existing eHealth education in order to identify future educational need within the area of eHealth in education. The study revealed that in the participating countries a wide range of programmes and courses exist, that include eHealth elements more or less extensively. It also became clear from the baseline study that apart from Lithuania all countries had programmes in pure eHealth. But especially in the education of health care professionals (physicians, nurses etc.) it was found that the integration of eHealth elements often is marginal or non-existent. This problem of lack of integration of eHealth in the education of traditional health care professionals is according to our literature review not specific for the participating countries, but seems to be a general problem in many countries. The baseline study will, together with the literature review and the recommendation formulated by the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA), function as an informed starting point for the development of eHealth courses and content for health care professionals. Furthermore the report in itself might give valuable information to educational decisions makers in the involved countries.

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published 27.07.2011