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ICT for Health - Good practice use of ICT inspiring new ways of treatment

The recently published report 'Examples of Good Practice Use of ICT in Healthcare and its Potential Transferability' presents cases that focus on the treatment of elderly people suffering from chronic diseases. The cases either take a broad look at eHealth (LIS, IT Health, Supporting the daily life of ageing people at home by means of eHealth) or tackle the major chronic diseases diabetes (DIABETIVA, Health Optimum), cardiovascular diseases (TeleGuard, TEMPiS, Health Optimum, ELCP, and Video consultation for the treatment of chronic heart patients), or COPD (TELEKAT, The Patient Briefcase). Finding new ways of treatment, especially for people with chronic diseases, is of pressing importance. The cases presented in the report can inspire new ways of treatment and raise the acceptance of the use of ICT.

The ICT for Health project aims at raising the acceptance of ICT among medical professionals, decision makers, and citizens. One of the activities to help foster this development has been the documentation of ICT strategies in the partner regions. Following that documentation, this report presents the use of ICT in the project partner regions.

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published 07.05.2012